Thursday, September 12, 2013

Natalya's Got Something to Talk About + Giveaway

Hey, all!
I'm so excited about my new audiobook release! Natalya's first audiobook is available now and I want to celebrate! Woot! Did you check Rabid Reads for the cover reveal for Bitten by Treachery, the second book in the Hadley Werewolves series. Be sure to check out Bitten by Deceit, the first book if you haven't.

Check out an excerpt here:
Feel free to listen to the sample on AudibleAmazon,  iTunes. Usually for a new release I offer a new trading card or a bookmark to go with the new book. Since this is just an audiobook release, I thought to myself, why not offer bookmark/postcard packs to a few awesome readers? So if you haven't managed to snag one of my packs, here's your chance. So, what's included for 20 winners. Yep, I'm picking 20 people and this giveaway is international!

The Goodies:
  • Bitter Disenchantment Bookmark
  • Coveted Bookmark
  • Coveted Postcard
  • Compelled Postcard (Get up close and personal with book #3 coming in 2014)
I'm adding more bookmarks to the pile from my booksigning on Saturday:

And hey, I'll even toss in a bonus bookmark from another author. I have a few signings and events I plan to attend before the contest is over, so I might as well snatch some goodies for you, too. If you are a bookmark hoarder, and it's okay. We all got things we like to collect. :D
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