Monday, January 28, 2013

Shawntelle's Nerdscape

Happy Monday, all!

Since I have so much spare time, *laughs hysterically*, I decided to have some fun and participate in Kevin Hearne's Nerdscape contest. To add to my nerdscape, I tapped into my house's nerdness. My undergrad was in mathematics (most expensive textbooks ever. Although the engineers had it pretty bad too.) and I have so many damn computer programming books, I dumped those suckers in there. Kevin had some lovely requirements that I needed to fill:

1) Action figures - transformer surrounded by Stratego pieces heading into battle check
2) Junk Food - Reese Pieces in epic word formation with two Hard Mike's Lemonades check
3) Books - Wow. I got a lot of books and that's just a drop in the bucket. Seriously. I didn't even add in my husband's medical school books.

So, behold is my nerdscape. And a simple pic wouldn't do. :D I went panorama, baby! It looks like the board jumped a bit when I used my camera, but hey, I got it all in. Just click on the image to see the whole thing in all its glor-eee!

Okay...time to clean all this up. Might as well open one of the Hard Mike's to get it done. *sigh*

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