Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August Heat and Fast Drafting

My writing has been going well, but this week I plan to turn it up a notch and do some fast drafting. If you happen to see me walk by mumbling, "Oh, dear! I shall be too late!" and I'm looking for a rabbit hole, just point me in the right direction 'cause that meant I wrote too much. And like Martha Stewart says, "That's a good thing!"

Yesterday it was 102 degrees--at dusk! I think this is a sign that I should be inside somewhere writing instead of pondering how I could do a weird experiment cooking cookies on the sidewalk. (Nope, I didn't do it, although I should've tried.) I remembered going to the store and seeing this poor guy trying to run in this heat! He didn't have any water and he was trying to run up a hill. At first I was like gee that looks painful--and after I passed him I was like--he is so hard core. I'm gonna be like that tomorrow. Hard core writing in the heat. Inside my house outside the heat hard core.

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