Friday, April 8, 2011

The Joy of Waiting No More - Auel in St. Louis

I've been so busy lately trying to finish my manuscript that I haven't had a chance to post on my own blog! Whoops! But as of Monday I had something fun to talk about! I met Jean M. Auel!! On the Something Wicked Blog I talked about how I couldn't wait to see her! About how I'd waited years for this next book to come out. Since she had a tour date scheduled for here in St. Louis, I jumped on the opportunity to see her in person.

Before Monday I've never met her in person. I'd seen her picture on television, on the the back of the books, but I'd never seen her up close or heard her talk. Of course before this book came out she did do online interviews, but it was nice to see her up close and personal. Answering jokes. Talking about her writing experience. One thing I learned was that she queried her book. (And then got a very very nice advance.) She went through the process every writer does and found the ideal fit in literary agent Jean V. Neggar. Also, just like other writers, she didn't have plans to become a writer. It just happened after the spark of an idea hit.

I got to the talk a little early, but not early enough. As you can see by this picture, in the end I sat against the wall in the back. But the cool part is that I was in direct line of sight to see Jean speak! Woo hoo!

Also got in the signing line and got my book signed. And I didn't go fan girl either. Well, I didn't think so!

Overall, falling back into her book is like reuniting with family I hadn't seen for a long time! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to read her books again and to actually meet her in person! I feel so lucky since several other larger cities didn't have tour dates listed.

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