Monday, April 25, 2011

April Will End Better

I posted today about my weekend on the Something Wicked Blog. I won't repeat what I wrote there, but I've definitely had an...interesting April. Around the beginning of the month all three of my kids got influenza A. Then one of them caught a stomach bug. To add more fun to the mix then a set of horrible storms rolled through the neighborhood on Friday. :(

I think I'm due some really good news this week. Maybe a lottery win? A contract to write a book about how annoying it is to be exhausted, yet still wake up around 7 because you're a morning person? I will admit last week did include a nice package. I got my Round 5 prize from DABWAHA! And it included the Jaci Burton poster too. (All I can say about that is...oh my...)

Last week on the Magic and Mayhem blog I talked about my copy edits as well as my growing TBR pile. (No progress on that front either...)

So far I have around a hundred pages left to go for my copy edits so I'm on schedule to finish them before my due date. I'm just hoping, hoping, hoping that nothing else happens so I can enjoy the rest of my month. Really. I'd like a break please.

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Amanda said...

April was definitely a challenging month for you. May is TOTALLY going to be better, right? ;)