Thursday, December 16, 2010

Writing and Reading When Distracted

To say that I'm distracted right now would be an understatement. My daughter has been in the hospital since Sunday due to surgery. We hope to leave jail, I mean the hospital tomorrow. :D Over the past couple of days I've lived at the hospital and my brain has turned into a mush like material that doesn't resemble a brain. As a proactive writer who tries to write often and write a lot, this kind of distraction is a bit hard. I'm tired. I don't want to think deeply. Initially, I took my young adult WIP with me just in case the moment comes.

It hasn't.

Although, I have noticed that scenes and people from my stories do come to mind. It's rather neat to be sitting there wanting to resemble a petrified rock and have your characters come up to you to strike up a conversation. They tell me about their lives, what they ate for dinner, and other cool things I should remember to write down.

But I don't bother.

The book isn't going anywhere, and I have a weekend to recover once we get home. I have the holidays to listen to Christmas music and a pile of books to enjoy. I just finished Melody Carlson's FORGOTTEN in one night and now I'm enjoying James Dashner's THE SCORCH TRIALS. All in all, it okay to be distracted. The important thing is that I plan to write after everything is over.

My characters will most likely continue to haunt me, although I have a feeling that my weird character with creepy eyes, who's flipping me off by the way, might not be back for another interview.

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Kristi said...

Take care of yourself and let your brain chill. And you might be surprised what comes out of the week of he** in the hospital (besides, of course, a healthy beautiful little girl).