Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Get Your Edit On

I've been busy with life, with at least a little writing in between. My manuscript is pretty much in edit mode right now with pieces hovering with my betas. I feel like the darn thing resembles Frankenstein. I ripped out the innards and now I have to sew the poor guy back together. I'm actually taking my one book and dividing it into two! (Yes, you read that right.) Not impossible. Just messy surgery. LOL.

I failed NANOWRIMO. I was so determined to do it this year! I practically fell off the horse, the horse kicked me while I was down, and then it proceeded to ride into the sunset without me. (I did wave though since that's the polite thing to do.)

In the meantime since I didn't make it, but so many friends made it (Congratulations!!!), I created a list of my favorite editing tip spots. Every time I finish my work, I do a sweep. This sweep includes checking stuff I often find on these pages.

Hope these help. I also have a similar list on my website, but having it more than one place never hurts. :D

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