Monday, November 8, 2010

What Would Your Heroine Do For a Klondike Bar

I'm writing today for Nanowrimo. Okay, I have the document open and I plan to use this blog post as a warm up.

My thought provoking question today: What would my heroine do for a Klondike bar?

In my book, my heroine, Natalya Stravinsky, is a werewolf with OCD. She is a normal person, to an extent of course since she's a werewolf, but she loves to eat delicious things like anyone else. But and there is a but. Based on her personality, she might love the taste, but she wouldn't be too happy with what happens to the Klondike bar as you eat it. Yep, if you've eaten one of those square ice cream treats you know those suckers break apart and melt pretty fast. My heroine would be horrified to the point of dumping the Klondike bar in a bowl and then eating it that way. (Hey, I'm sure you've had an ice cream cone that melted to the point where you had to put into bowl.)

I find it cool how a different perspective shapes how people approach things. Natalya would kick my butt for a Christmas ornament, while on the other hand I would love a bag of jelly beans right now. LOL It's those perceptions that shape our wants and needs and thus drives us to do certain things to fulfill those wants. Even if our needs border on the extreme.

Now for me, I would never do anything unscrupulous for such a wonderful, delicious, tasty, chocolate happiness like a Klondike bar. (Like pay extra money for it, avoid writing my manuscript to think about it...)

Can you tell I am easily distracted by the evil which is chocolate today? :)

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Kristi said...

The question is, how would she eat those jelly beans? Sort them by color? Eat them so that she has even numbers of each color left or systematically decimate one flavor at a time?

Would she attempt to peel the chocolate coating off that Klondike in whole, unblemished sheets? Cut neat slices out of the ice cream to keep the symmetry of it? Set it aside and eat the ice cream first and get really pissed if someone tried to eat the bites she was saving for last?

And no, I have never met anyone who does any of these things with their food. Ahem.