Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Preparing for Nanowrimo 2010

Well, I did Nano last year and failed. *sigh* These things happen. I've decided to do nano again this year, but like the last, I won't beat myself up if life jumps in the way again. I got a pretty good start last year and then fizzled. I tend to write in bursts but sustaining a big haul is difficult for me. I think in order to make this year work I'll have to stick to 3K a day to maintain by steam.

I have no idea what I will write this year. I may finish a book I've started or write a totally new one. I have plenty of books sitting in the bat cave waiting to come out. I plan to use Lynn Viehl's Novel Notebook again since I love using that thing. I need to find a way to use it electronically though since my printed copies tend to disappear with my other papers. Be sure to check out Lynn's Post today where she's talking about her prep.

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Kristi said...

I think the NaNo people claim that everyone should write something new, not just write 50k words on something existing.

But I'm toying with the idea too. I've done it twice and missed doing it last year. I have one novel in progress (and ideas/starts on who knows how many more). Part of me wants to finish what I've already started. Part wants to write something brand new. And part of me thinks I'm insane for even considering it (but...but...I'll be off for an entire week around thanksgiving...I'll have extra time to write...right?)