Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fast Draft: Day 5 - 9

Okay, I'll admit it. I fell off the bus. I rolled off and the aftermath wasn't pretty. After Day 5 I had the Archon Conference here in St. Louis. (My birthday present for the weekend.) I had so much fun with my good friend and mentor Angie Fox as well as so many new and old friends! Each day I did write, but I didn't write close to what I should write. :( I tried to stay positive and kept reminding myself that I'd written a lot of words and made tremendous progress before I got sidetracked. (And hey, I think I could at least let myself off for my birthday.)

Unfortunately real life hit again with a series of bad headaches. I get them once in a while and they hit hard and make writing near to impossible. But today is a new day! My goal is to at least get 10 pages or more today. I usually can write 4K in a day when I get my mojo back! I have 5 days left to make things count. Here goes nothing!

Day 1: 15 pages
Day 2: 15 pages
Day 3: 20 pages
Day 4: 2 pages
Day 5: 3 pages
Day 6: 2 pages
Day 7: 1/2 page (Birthday!)
Day 8: 6 pages
Day 9: 1/2 page


Kristi said...

Can I send you my writing energy? Cause I can't use it at the day job :)
And sheesh, 60ish pages in 9 days of writing. At this rate you'll be doing Na-2-NoWriMo and really put everyone to shame :)

Happy writing!

Chudney Thomas said...

Keep going! That's awesome progress.