Friday, October 1, 2010

Fast Draft Day 4

Sadly, Day 4 didn't go as well as my other days. I ran out of steam yesterday and I think the transition point I hit snagged my momentum. The story I'm writing spans over 9 months and well I can't give every day, every second. So the story needs to jump forward without looking like a hot mess after I jump. (Is it weird after I typed jumped forward my mind went to the Back to the Future scene where Marty sees his house in the future? Weird...)

Anyway, I only got 2 pages done. Not my best, but I do feel refreshed today and ready to work.

Day 1: 15 pages
Day 2: 15 pages
Day 3: 20 pages
Day 4: 2 pages

I did try to open the document a few times to get started. But nothing panned out. My writing process tends to go fast where I write in a blur. Perhaps my mojo will come back today and I'll knock out my goal again. :)

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