Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fast Draft Day 3

Wow, I am exhausted. LOL

Day 3 resulted in success! I got my 20 pages. But right now I am empty. May need to recharge the mojo for a bit this morning before I can move forward with the story.

Day 1: 15 pages
Day 2: 15 pages
Day 3: 20 pages

Total: 50 pages

Right now I should be sitting at 60 pages, but life, kids, etc making doing fast draft very difficult. Last night's final round had to been a bunch of crap. I kind of scared to read it so I can do a bit of editing. After I write, I usually scan over it the next day to knock out fast and furious edits:

  • Misspellings
  • Missing Words
  • Sentences that make no damn sense

My weekend will be busy with my birthday on Sunday and the Archon conference all weekend. How the hell will I pull this off?

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