Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fast Draft - Day 2

Somehow I'd survived my second day. It wasn't easy. I'd written over the whole day.

Day 1: 15 pages
Day 2: 15 pages

Total: 30 pages

Not a bad start. Yesterday started well, but then ended poorly. I was in the middle of writing using the application Write or Die and then my machine went blue screen of death on me. Not only did it crash once, but it crash three times. In the end, I ended up disabling auto Windows Update, adding a Windows Debugger to scour through the Windows dump file (.dmp) for my materials, and then going to bed fuming...

Lesson learned? You bet. I usually work in applications that guarantee me a backup. Like Microsoft Word. The application can give me an auto backup whenever I create a new document. I can even have that backup stored on my remote server for safe keeping.

I'd foolishly assumed Write or Die saved files as well. It does mine you. In My Documents there is a folder for Write or Die files. But those files are created after you finish a session. Which means that you could have thousands of words in the session, but if your computer goes nuclear then you are screwed.

It's the next day and I'm trying to be positive. It's likely those words are meant to be gone. Perhaps in my sleepy haze I wrote shoddy work and now I can write something deeper and more beautiful. I'm at a scene between the hero and heroine so with this chance I need to make things better and edit what I would have wrote yesterday.

Onward and upward!


December said...

Hey - I'm doing the fast draft with Bria too!

I'm just trying to hit 10 pages a day, since I started with about 80 pages already written.
So far so good!

Shawntelle Madison said...

Good luck December! I had a few pages too. But not that many!