Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fast Draft Day 1

I'm participating in a Fast Draft through the encouragement of Bria Quinlan. I'd already needed a kick in the butt to get some work done on my current work in progress so I happily joined in. Candace Havens began the Fast Draft program and now I'm a happy participant.

The Fast Draft works like this:

  • 20 pages per day for 2 weeks
  • No excuses
  • No internal editor
  • Just write, write and write

Of course, this is easier said than done. Yesterday was my first day and I only got 5K which equals around 15 pages. Not the 20 pages I meant to get, but close enough. I've had a 10K day before so I know I can get out 20 pages.

How did yesterday work out?

Three quick rounds in the morning and then three in the afternoon. My best sprints are over a 45 minute period where with Write or Die I can knock out at least 1500 words if I'm in the zone. The hardest thing about sprinting is that you have to have to story ready to go in your head. I'm about to head into part of my story where research would be nice. Under normal circumstances I would spend a few hours researching and looking things up. Instead, I simply add a bracket around a set of words. [Vegetarian dish here]. It was hard as hell not to use the almighty Google to find what I wanted, but I managed to do it.

Come join in the fun! You might be surprised at what you can accomplish!

1 comment:

Kristi said...

Keep up the good work. I know you can make it!

I've done NaNo, but I don't physically have the time for 20 pages a day X 14 days. That "no excuses" thing doesn't seem to fly with the day-job bosses :) (and the lack of income doesn't work real well for health insurance and mortgage).