Wednesday, August 11, 2010

RWA Conference Day #2 - Wayback Wednesday

Yep, the RWA Conference happened 2 weeks ago, but I'm jumping into my wayback machine to recap on those misty memories.

On that Wednesday I woke up stiff and in pain. Serious pain as a result from Day #1 at Disney. Oh yes, Disney, I blame you for my pain and suffering. Most folks don't need to stretch after they wake up from a walk around Disney.

After I recovered enough to move, I went down to volunteer for the literacy signing. I worked from eight to noon opening boxes and labeling them for the signing. It was so nice to meet fellow YARWA authors like Micki Gibson (new YARWA treasurer) and Jennifer Hilt (new YARWA president). I had a chance to chit chat briefly with Smart Bitches Blogger Sarah Wendell (Boy can that chick haul books in a dress, you go girl!) My reward for hauling books: two free ones. Woo hoo!

I spent the rest of the afternoon chilling and reconnecting with friends. Somehow I managed to spend to some time editing (very, very little that day).

The fun jumped off that evening when the Literacy Signing started at 5. I had a chance to take pictures of MORWA members, fellow Romance Divas, as well as pictures of favorite authors and friends. I had a blast!

After the Literacy Signing wrapped up, I joined a few authors, including Amanda Berry and Ella Drake, to head over to Kimonos. The Diva karaoke would take place there so we decided to snag a seat. We had a wait a while, but while we waited we got a chance to snag our Diva badges! (I'm Camping with Cheesecake Diva by the way.)

Then Romance Divas Karaoke started! So much fun! Okay, except for the server who brought my check real fast. Hey, can't a girl have more than one soda?

While I was there I saw so many authors from last year! I got to watch Amanda Berry, Melissa Francis and another Diva sing Baby Got Back. There is a video floating around Youtube, but I will be kind and not post that puppy. I also got to watch Angie Fox, her agent Jessica Faust, and two other BookEnds authors sing It's Raining Men! Bravo, Angie!

I got to sing Love Shack as well as some other classics where I got to gyrate and sing on the tiny stage. There's nothing like coming back to my hotel room after bonding with the Divas.

Two romantic suspense authors: AJ Brower and a new friend I ate lunch with. :)

Authors and Romance Divas: Gwen Hayes and Jeannie Lin

Gwen Hayes and Cambria Dillion have a kodak moment when they meet. *grins*

Romance Divas reconnecting and meeting for the first time

Literacy Signing Pictures:

Sci-Fi Romance Author and Romance Diva Jess Granger

Paranormal Author and Romance Diva Teresa D'Amario

Harlequin Author and Romance Diva Amanda S. Berry - Her First RWA Signing Yay!

MORWA Authors waiting for Amanda to sign

Romance Divas Jeannie Lin (The Blinker) and Bria Quinlan (I still love the pic though.)

Historical Author and Romance Diva Sabrina Darby

Erotic Romance Author and Romance Diva Robin L. Rotham

The Fabulous Michelle Rowen. She's an agencymate of mine. We're both repped by Jim McCarthy with D & G Lit Management. I got a signed copy of Demon Princess!

Harlequin Author and Romance Diva Liz Talley. (Love her clothes!)

Paranormal, Urban Fantasy & Young Adult Romance Author and Romance Diva Extraordinaire Kristen Painter

YA Author and Romance Diva Melissa Francis (As well as Baby Got Back All Star)

Romance Author and Romance Diva Louisa Edwards

One of my many writing sprints partners in crime: C.L. Wilson. I heart Cheryl. We got a chance to reconnect and talk more during this conference!

Dark Paranormal, Futuristic, and Science Fiction Romance Author and Romance Diva Ella Drake. She was a finalist for the PRISM award this year from the FF&P chapter of RWA.

Historical Authors Jeannie Lin and Jennifer Jakes. Jennifer was a finalist for the Golden Heart's Historical Category.

Author and Romance Diva Karen Erickson

Historical Author and MORWA President Kimberly Killion

Historical Author and Romance Diva Victoria Janssen - I love her covers--so good.

Me and Brenda Jackson - Her writing is spectacular!

Paranormal Author Angie Fox (all my other pictures of Angie are too serious to post. Yeah. *cough* Too serious.)

Authors Angie Fox and Cathryn Fox. (Can I call them the foxy ladies?)

Romance Divas Karaoke:


Sarah Bromley said...

Great post, Shawntelle! You rocked that conference!

Ella Drake said...

I so loved hanging out with you! I hope you make it to NY. & thanks for posting that pic! I love it! As a matter of fact, can I steal it to post on my website?

Shawntelle Madison said...

Of course you can Ella! I'll send you a PM on divas so I can send you the big copy!

Keri Ford said...

Great Shawntelle!!

Jeannie Lin said...

Awesome! Thanks for being organized enough to take pictures of everyone and posting them!

Sabrina Darby said...

Great pictures, Shawntelle! And very nicely done post!

jodi said...

great pictures. :) I hope you make it to NY too.

Carly Carson said...

Thanks for the pics. Hope to see you next year.

Mima said...

thank you so much for posting these. they rocked. my fav detail: kristen was drinking wine at the signing. that is so diva-- lol.

Karen Erickson said...

Awesome pics Shawntelle and a great post too! Wish I would've been able to talk to you more. And I'm stealing some of these photos, LOL.