Tuesday, August 17, 2010

RWA Conference 2010: Final Two Days

I ran out of steam on Friday and Saturday. Wowsa! The last days of the conference went by in a blur as well. Friday went well. I left the room early to eat the yummy continental breakfast with other authors. After that I headed down to the Editor/Agents Appointments area where I had the fun job of volunteering! At first I stood around waiting to work, but in the end I got to be the lady who watched the clocks. In my best professional voice, if one could call it that, I announced, "2 Minutes" and then the evil, "Time's Up." It was fun actually. I had a chance to chit-chat with literary agent Donna Bagdasarian (she's a sweetheart) as well as many other agents and editors. One thing I immediately noticed was the inspirational editors from Harlequin didn't get many folks. (So if you're an inspirational author go to RWA Nationals! You have a great chance to pitch your book!)

Yes, I'm missing many photos from Friday and Saturday during the day. Perhaps due to the fact I went zombie those days! The RWA Conference can be an exhausting experience. I highly recommend taking the Monday off after the conference to recharge. I'm also happy I took a later flight on Sunday. I got to spend the morning on Sunday slowly packing and working on edits for my agent. (It's amazing what a quiet hotel room can do!)

I had so much fun at the dinner and on Friday when I went to FF&P chapter's dinner, The Gathering. They had a steampunk themed dinner with a costume contest! So much fun. I kinda wished I would have brought a costume. :)

Overall, I had a blast at RWA. I can't wait to see everyone again in New York! (I think I need to start saving up now since it will be at the Marriott Marquis.)

Ritas and Golden Hearts Awards Dinner (Last year we didn't have a dinner. This year, instead of a lunch we got dinner. I like this format much better.)

Socializing After Dinner (I see a few Romance Divas!)

Megan Kelly and Jennifer Jakes

Amanda Berry, Keri Ford, and Jeannie Lin

Julie Opdyke and Megan Kelly

Jeannie Line, Karen Davidson, and Kate Pearce

Kristi Lea and Amanda Berry

Bria Quinlan, Amanda Berry and Jeannie Lin

Brian Quinlan and Gwen Hayes

Me and Michelle Rowen

Bria Quinlan, Gwen Hayes, and Jeannie Lin

Rachel Jameson, Sabrina Darby, and Jeannie Lin

Jeannie Lin, MG Braden, and Amanda Berry

2010 YA Rita Winner - Simon Elkeles for PERFECT CHEMISTRY

Kimberly Killion and Kristi Lea

Me and C.L. Wilson

YA Authors Jennifer Echols and Rosemary Clement-Moore

I did take a quick video shot of the fountain outside in the Dolphin Hotel where I stayed. So pretty! The MORWA folks were getting ready to have lunch for the last time before got on our flight.

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