Monday, June 28, 2010

Muse Monday

Well, for those who've seen my writing process before you know I tend to write hard core when the Muse shows up. Well, she hasn't showed up yet, but I'm trying my best to plow forward. For the last month I've been editing my next book to head out on submission, HOARDING YOUR HOWLS. It's another paranormal chick lit book about a hoarding werewolf. I had so much fun writing it as well as researching it.

But now after a month of writing vacation I need to starting plotting and researching again. And coming up with another title, (thanks Sarah Bromley). I'm one of those writers that comes up with horrible titles. But in order to feel good about moving forward I need one.

Without the drive to write, ending my vacation has been painful. To be honest I'm one of those writers that needs that final push to send me over the edge and go nuts with writing. If the mojo isn't there, I don't produce hardly anything but a trickle. (But my house sure does look clean!) Does it mean my heart isn't in the story? No, I don't start anything I don't truly feel passionate about. Its just the motivation to fall down the rabbit hole is the hardest. I'm not an every day writer. (Took me a while to learn that one.) But I can tell right now I'm getting hungry. So I'll continue to tap my fingers and wait for the Muse to show up. In the mean time, I'll work on editing my werewolf book and getting another manuscript converted from 3rd to 1st person (one of my urban fantasy manuscripts).

As of last night, I wrote one page in the next WIP! It was hard, but I did it! :) I have other projects I'm dabbling with in YA futuristic fantasy and even a paranormal manuscript where the male protagonist is in college (from a horrific plot bunny attack). (If you want to see more about college-aged protagonists Amanda Brice wrote a great post about it on The Fictionistias.)

Hope your Muse is cooperating today. :D

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