Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Plot Bunny Strikes

Okay, so I said not too long ago that I'm on writing vacation. Well, just this past weekend the plot bunny came out of nowhere and attacked me. It was a horrific experience. One minute I was helping a family member move, the next minute the plot bunny jumped from around a corner and threw an idea at me. So evil!

And now I'm being plagued by scenes when before I was leisurely living day-to-day getting back to a nice routine of feeling normal. My house is clean. My hair is getting done. I'm reading books. But another idea has come again... *sigh* I give myself seven hours before I cave in and start sprinting again.

1 comment:

Sarah Bromley said...

Ha ha. You're so screwed. I can't wait to see this one. The funny thing is, I just did my own post on getting attacked by plot bunnies before I even saw your post. Collective unconsciousness, right?