Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jellybelly Jellybeans Addicts Unite

Hi, my name is Shawntelle and I'm a Jellybelly jellybeans addict... *sigh*

When I write those lovelies are so easy to eat while I work. I found this bag of flavors with acai berry and fruits. I wonder if I can trick myself into thinking its healthy? Yep, even I can't lie to myself on that one.

I seriously need to switch to the sugar free kind. To make matters even worse I went cold turkey and then these bags started showing up everywhere. I used to have to WORK to find the darn things. Now they are at the grocery store, the dollar store, and now the hardware store. WTH... It's a conspiracy I tell you!

I don't need them to write, but jeez the sugar rush is sure nice.

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