Monday, May 31, 2010

Meet the GMC Wizard!

I'm a big fan of Debra Dixon's book: GMC: Goal, Motivation, and Conflict. I read this book every time I start a new project. Why? Because the book really helps me stay on track with what the plot bunny comes up with in my head. Book ideas are great, but they won't help make a great book if my protagonist or antagonist are walking around randomly with no goals and reasons why they do what they do. To help facilitate the brainstorming process I created the GMC Wizard. (Especially when I got tired of creating my own grid each and every time.)

Instructions: From the first screen you enter basic information about your character that you may want to reference later if you plan to print out the results.

  1. After you enter basic information (if you like), you move on to the External GMC screen. Now you will build you goal-motivation-conflict statement. You start with the goal. Then the motivation for that goal and then finally the conflict that will hinder that goal from coming to past.
  2. The next screen is for the Internal GMC. You'll do the same steps. From there you'll work on the external GMC to the internal GMC.
  3. You can work on two sets GMC statements (internal and external) at a time. Once you are done you can print the results for later if you like. When you press the View Printable Grid you will be taken to a new window with the grids that you can print.

Future Plans:
  1. GMC-O-Matic - For those times when you just need a sample GMC period.
  2. Additional Slots so I can build GMCs for chapters and scenes.
Suggestions? Send them my way. I created this to hold my hand while I plan my books so I hope it helps someone else.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jellybelly Jellybeans Addicts Unite

Hi, my name is Shawntelle and I'm a Jellybelly jellybeans addict... *sigh*

When I write those lovelies are so easy to eat while I work. I found this bag of flavors with acai berry and fruits. I wonder if I can trick myself into thinking its healthy? Yep, even I can't lie to myself on that one.

I seriously need to switch to the sugar free kind. To make matters even worse I went cold turkey and then these bags started showing up everywhere. I used to have to WORK to find the darn things. Now they are at the grocery store, the dollar store, and now the hardware store. WTH... It's a conspiracy I tell you!

I don't need them to write, but jeez the sugar rush is sure nice.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Plot Bunny Strikes

Okay, so I said not too long ago that I'm on writing vacation. Well, just this past weekend the plot bunny came out of nowhere and attacked me. It was a horrific experience. One minute I was helping a family member move, the next minute the plot bunny jumped from around a corner and threw an idea at me. So evil!

And now I'm being plagued by scenes when before I was leisurely living day-to-day getting back to a nice routine of feeling normal. My house is clean. My hair is getting done. I'm reading books. But another idea has come again... *sigh* I give myself seven hours before I cave in and start sprinting again.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On Vacation!

Well, after finishing two books this year so far, I'm on a mini writing vacation. And boy does it feel good. When it comes to writing, I think breaks are good. Our brains are the muscle and they need a recharging break too. Mine in particular is sapped. When I wrote the Red Crossroads I was so much in the zone I wrote until my hands got tired. I stayed up writing and editing until 1 am on most days. For me, writing is consuming both mentally and physically. So when I get done I take a break and let the poor Muse recover in the Bahamas with some other writer. =)

Soon enough, the ideas will start flowing again and I'll be itching to write. But for now I'll take my virtual fruity drink, pull up a seat next to my imaginary beach and lounge until the next book wave takes me away.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Congrats to Cole Gibsen on her Book Deal!

One of my critique partners, Cole Gibsen, is sharing some wonderful news: she sold her book to Flux books!

I just wanted to say that I'm so proud of Cole! She is a great writer as well as a great person. I've read Katana and its a great book. I can't wait to write a post about the book so folks can head out and buy it! :)