Friday, April 16, 2010

My Book List - 2010 - For my sanity...

Last year I was too busy writing to read a lot of books. And that's a shame. But this year I plan to head of out the gate running! My goal is to read 50 or more books this year. Which actually isn't hard since I can read a good book under three days. I will only list a book here if I get it done. With kids and a personal life I don't have time for a snoozefest. I plan to keep coming back to update this list as the year goes on to keep myself motivated.

There are a few books which I started and plan to come back to so who knows what this year will bring. So here's my progress of completed books so far:

  1. Life as We Knew It - Susan Beth Pfeffer (Jan)
  2. Turning Japanese - Cathy Yardley (Feb)
  3. The Maze Runner - James Dashner (April)
  4. The Dead and Gone - Susan Beth Pfeffer (April)
  5. Wake - Lisa McMann (April)
  6. This World We Live In - Susan Beth Pfeffer (April - So good - Read in 4 Hours)
  7. The Jigsaw Man - Gord Rollo (April)
  8. The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins (April)
  9. Fade - Lisa McMann (May)
  10. Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins (May)
  11. Gone - Michael Grant (May)
  12. Hunger - Michael Grant (May)
  13. Silver Borne - Patricia Briggs (June)
  14. Lies - Michael Grant (June)
  15. Dirty Little Secrets - C.J. Omololu (June)
  16. Dead in the Family - Charlaine Harris (June 6-20)
  17. Midwife of Blue Ridge - Christine Blevins (July 7-10)
  18. Wings - Aprilynne Pike (August 8-11)
  19. Dream Called Time - S.L. Viehl (August 8-25)
  20. The Chosen One - Carol Lynch Williams (August 8-30)
  21. Poison Study - Maria V. Snyder (October 10-15)
  22. His Hired Baby - Jacqueline Diamond (November 11-30)
  23. Spellbent - Lucy A. Snyder (December 12-10)
  24. Forgotten - Melody Carlson (December 12-15)
  25. Shotgun Sorceress - Lucy A. Snyder (December 12-27)

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