Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Friday - Onward Ho!

Still waiting. Still writing. But the nice thing about waiting is thinking about the good things one has going for themselves. Right now I am healthy. (Yep, starting out with the basics.) I could be sick on my butt *knocks on wood, I'm not that dumb* with a head cold from hell and busted knee. Instead my eye is still on the prize of writing and continuing to distract myself with nerdy projects.

I'm trying to work on a bunch of writer tools, but well things happen slowly when you are crunching code.

Another good thing is I have ideas. I am drowning with ideas. I could write for years with the treasure trove I have. Right now my steampunk and dark paranormal are coming along. Slowly and not as fast as I'd prefer, but the wave is coming soon where my house will go to hell and my husband will question my sanity as I write like mad.

Things could be much worse. I could have a finished book in my agent's hands and no idea on what to do next. I could dwell on how any ideas I have suck and how they'll never be published. But I refuse to because I am driven to succeed. There may be bumps in the road to OZ, but today I will happily march down the yellow brick road, kick the Cowardly Lion a few times for being a punk, and think about the positive things.


Sarah Bromley said...

Your ideas don't suck. I think steampunk's starting to grab you a bit more--you sounded so excited that I "got" it when we talked yesterday. I think it's awesomeoness and Secret Agent Man will be muy impressed.

Shawntelle Madison said...

Thanks Sarah! I'm actually excited about my ideas. I just only hope others would find them cool/funny as well.

I've set a goal for The Red Crossroads so I hope I can meet it.

Lisa and Laura said...

Waiting is a bitch, isn't it? Never gets easier.

And ideas are the best! A writer is nothing without ideas.

March on, my friend.

Shawntelle Madison said...

Thanks Lisa and Laura!

This evening I am burning the midnight oil working on my steampunk book! Take that Cowardly Lion! *kick to the groin*