Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Absolute Beginners

Today, I can't help but think about over a year ago when I started writing again. It was back in November of 2008. Wow, I was so excited about my story. And hungry too to write. But boy did I write a dousy with a bunch of new writer mistakes all over the place. My first manuscript was in such a poor state where Sarah Bromley had to rip me a new one. (Yes, she did it kindly.) Whoa, that flashback was painful. Backstory all over the place, heavy use of "it was" cringe. Either way, I was an absolute beginner and I had to start somewhere.

When I think back to those first days, I remember that excitement in knowing this was the beginning of a journey I didn't want to end. Took me a while to figure it out, but writing is a journey. The whole thing reminds me of that movie Stir of Echos with Kevin Bacon. It's the story of a psychic whose ability is triggered based on a hypnosis session. His sister-in-law opened a door in his mind. One that could never be closed again. Now, I'm not sayin I see creepy folks walking down the halls of my house, (and that includes my kids) but I feel like I can completely relate to that. When you're a writer, you are driven to write. It's that itch you can't completely scratch. That succulent dish on the table that you can never get enough of sampling. Once I started writing again, I knew I wouldn't be able to stop. Hell, I'm missing the four key on my keyboard but that hasn't slowed me down. (Irritated me to no end, but that's another story...)

Sometimes, when I'm not in my frenzy of writing, I ask myself, why not quit for a bit and enjoy something else? I've done that a few times. I took a week or two and worked on a programming project I like. But I keep coming back because I love to write. I have to get the words out. All those years where I didn't write, I wonder how come I never started back up. Writing is like a warm blanket. (Not Snuggie size, though. They're weird. Case in point, the WTF Blanket.)

There's no escape. The door is open and I've gone through it. And I'm perfectly happy with things that way.


Sarah Bromley said...

Misty colored memories *sniff*

There's no getting off the pony now, Shawny.

Lisa and Laura said...

I couldn't agree more. Writing is one of those things I never knew I couldn't live without--if that makes any sense.

Shawntelle Madison said...

Makes perfect sense. =)