Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Balancing Multiple Plates

Well, I'm still twiddling my thumbs while I have projects out on submission. Hell, there's nothing left to do except for work, write another book, or start a hobby like gardening. I veto the gardening though. Every summer I kill something. I haven't given up, but the well, let's say the dead red pepper plant from this last summer is still dead outside in the snow-covered backyard. *hides face in shame*

After going out on submission with Bachelors and Broomsticks, I continued on another book, my paranormal chick lit werewolf book. Now that its done and safely in Super Agent's Hands I'm waiting for the engine to start on my next two projects. I learned after this past werewolf book that I'm not an every day writer type. As I learned from Eileen Dreyer, I'm a binge and purge writer. Which means everything comes out in a mad rush after my mojo builds up and overflows. I feel like I'm getting close... But I'm doing something different this time. I'm working on two projects at once. Why? Well, I have time to burn and no deadlines. Time for me to enjoy this golden period and leisurely work on two projects.

Normally, I don't like to bounce between two different heads, but this time I don't feel the urge to rush or hurry. The fun part of this is planning how I will pull this off.

Option A: Alternate days for each projects. Monday-Wednesday Project 1/Thursday-Friday Project 2

Option B: Work on each project when I feel like it... LOL

Option C: Work on the project my Super Agent prefers

I think initially I will let the muse do the choosing. (At first I thought I would alternate days, but I don't see that happening.) If I don't feel like writing one I will jump on the other one. If Super Agent jumps into the fray and prefers one over the other then I will push one to the side like a ill-fitting prom dress. Either way, I'm not sure how I will tackle this until I try doing it. It will be great practice for the day hopefully in the future when I have multiple projects to tackle. I mean hey, why not up the ante now to see what it feels like. I'm already a workaholic. Why not feed the beast? I'm curious how pubbed authors balance multiple projects...


Sarah Bromley said...

And you used to get on me for this shit...LOL

Shawntelle Madison said...

Yes, I did. But I promise to be loyal to those two projects and not dump them unless they cheat on me with another author.