Sunday, February 21, 2010

Great Book - Turning Japanese

I just finished a book that I absolutely adored. I know I loved it since I finished it in three days! And its women's fiction too and done well. (Yep, I write women's fiction and I admit I'm a picky customer when it comes to the genre. I'd been waiting weeks for a book to keep me coming back!) Turning Japanese by Cathy Yardley took me on a whirlwind adventure to Japan with Lisa Falloya, a half-Japanese, half-Italian woman, who won a manga contest. With her winning entry, she became an intern at a Japanese company for a year.

Where do I even begin? The story gave me so much. Personally, I am a fan of Japanese anime. I loved my first encounter with Vampire Hunter D (and now the Emma Victorian Romance series) and my inner geekiness was appeased with Lisa's adventures in Japanese learning about the culture and her work environment at Sansoro Publishing. I walked in Lisa's shoes while she lived with the Kanai family and went to work everyday. I reveled in learning about the Japanese culture. From the weird food (octopus in the fettucine and seaweed ice cream) to the various settings, Cathy made me want to go so bad. (And leave the munchkins behind. LOL)

And the emotional rollercoaster at the end kept hitting me hard. Just the right formula for women's fiction to keep me coming back again and again! I hate admitting it, but I got teary eyed when Lisa had to leave Japan during her party at Denny's. (If you haven't read the book ignore everything I've revealed. But I can't help it...)

I was reading the catalogs of the houses where I'm being submitted and I came upon the book and instantly thought, I wanna read it! And it was SO worth it. Cathy has a great voice and this book shined. *happy sigh*

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Balancing Multiple Plates

Well, I'm still twiddling my thumbs while I have projects out on submission. Hell, there's nothing left to do except for work, write another book, or start a hobby like gardening. I veto the gardening though. Every summer I kill something. I haven't given up, but the well, let's say the dead red pepper plant from this last summer is still dead outside in the snow-covered backyard. *hides face in shame*

After going out on submission with Bachelors and Broomsticks, I continued on another book, my paranormal chick lit werewolf book. Now that its done and safely in Super Agent's Hands I'm waiting for the engine to start on my next two projects. I learned after this past werewolf book that I'm not an every day writer type. As I learned from Eileen Dreyer, I'm a binge and purge writer. Which means everything comes out in a mad rush after my mojo builds up and overflows. I feel like I'm getting close... But I'm doing something different this time. I'm working on two projects at once. Why? Well, I have time to burn and no deadlines. Time for me to enjoy this golden period and leisurely work on two projects.

Normally, I don't like to bounce between two different heads, but this time I don't feel the urge to rush or hurry. The fun part of this is planning how I will pull this off.

Option A: Alternate days for each projects. Monday-Wednesday Project 1/Thursday-Friday Project 2

Option B: Work on each project when I feel like it... LOL

Option C: Work on the project my Super Agent prefers

I think initially I will let the muse do the choosing. (At first I thought I would alternate days, but I don't see that happening.) If I don't feel like writing one I will jump on the other one. If Super Agent jumps into the fray and prefers one over the other then I will push one to the side like a ill-fitting prom dress. Either way, I'm not sure how I will tackle this until I try doing it. It will be great practice for the day hopefully in the future when I have multiple projects to tackle. I mean hey, why not up the ante now to see what it feels like. I'm already a workaholic. Why not feed the beast? I'm curious how pubbed authors balance multiple projects...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I planned to take today off from writing, but I have to finalize my Excerpt Monday post. Everyone have a wonderful day. I got flowers and candy from my husband. (I wonder how much I'll get done after the sugar rush wears off.)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Mad Typist Submits Again

There is some news I haven't posted about. I learned last week that I was a finalist for the Harlequin's Nocturne Bites Pitch Contest. As a finalist on Tuesday I got to pitch a short story to Associate Senior Editor Ann Leslie Tuttle. The experience was great and I walked away with another submission. The story was fun to write and a great diversion from my current two projects. BITTEN BY DECEIT has gone out into the world. I hope it fares well. Congrats to the other finalists as well. I hope your submission is bought! =)

I'm proud to say I can reduce the number for one of my 2010 goals. Yay!
  1. I will write 4 manuscripts in 2010.
  2. I will sell my first manuscript in 2010. (Optimism = Yay)
  3. I will NOW complete 2 novellas. (1 DONE YAY!)
I have a bunch of catch up reading to do this week for critique partners as well as the next installment of my Excerpt Monday and my two projects need to be worked on. To make things worse another idea for a bite popped into my head. *sigh* The fun never ends.

For those that are interested in the line I have compiled some links:

Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Finds - Bookshelf Muse

Over the week I ran into some cool things from other authors that I'd love to share. Cool things always give me warm fuzzies.

1. Podcasts by Julie Kenner - I'm reading Carpe Demon by Julie Kenner. I noticed these podcasts on her website with chapters to listen to from her other books

2. Making a long story short by Angela Knight - I keep coming back to this article for advice. I highly recommend it. As well as Anna Hackett's Short Story- Big Impact (PDF).

3. Great blog post referred to me by one of my MORWA members: AJ's Notes: Welcome Margie Lawson. There are great tips in there about adding rhythm and cadence in your work. I read the article and couldn't wait to get to work.

4. The Bookshelf Muse: Another blog referred from a MORWA chaptermate named Chris which I am loving and wondered how come I hadn't found it yet. They list emotions and various examples for each. There are also posts on scenes and examples of descriptors for that scene. Nice stuff. Me likey!