Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 1 of Nanowrimo

Well, its the morning of day 1 and I've survived October. My agent approved my edits yesterday. Woo hoo! So I should be heading toward the rolling plains of Submissionville soon enough. For my nano novel titled, Seduced (that is the shortened name), I have already conquered 650 words. *pumps fist* Of course, it was midnight and I had the likelihood of typing out "Work makes Jack a dull boy." about fifty times. But after a quick look see I have determined I wrote coherent words with dialog.

For my third book, which I still plan to continue working with I reached this far:

Shawntelle's Third Book:
Novel Progress

Not bad, actually. I wanted to be at 50%, but 10% off is not a failure. I may be able to reach 75% by the end of nano. I didn't want to edit two books at once, but in the future that may happen so it may be for the best.

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