Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nano Preparation

Thanks to the fabulous author, Lynn Viehl, I will be even more prepared for Nano next week. I plan to complete my first contemporary for the monthly write vest. Lynn posted a link to her Novel Notebook, a scrib document full of great details for a writer to fill out regarding their characters, settings, and plot.

If you want to be my writing buddy during nanowrimo I am listed over there as Shawntelle. (Yes, how original.) I'll have to post how much I followed Lynn's notebook and how useful I found it. I had planned to write a synopsis this week, but using the notebook should make that painful exercise less agonizing.

I'm continuing my sprints during the day to see how much of my third book I can knock out before Nano. Right now, I am 32% done. I'd love to have the book 75% or more done by next Saturday. Even if I wrote 5K per day I still wouldn't finish. But with a month off after the first draft, I would be fresh and ready to edit and complete my first werewolf book.

Shawntelle's Third Book:
Novel Progress

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