Monday, August 24, 2009

When the Muse Heads Elsewhere

Right now I am sort of in semi-down time. I finished my second book at the beginning of July and then I started a new one at the end of that month. But after forty or so pages I have slowed to a crawl. It's not as if I don't know what should happen in the story, I wrote a synopsis for the thing. The main issue is that the hunger is not there. My muse has run off with another writer and she hasn't been back for a while. But I am ok with that actually. This break is good and allows me to read books I enjoy and relax. When I am renewed, she'll be back. ;)

I have waited like this before between my first book and my second. The hunger to write will come again and the scenes will start running through my head waiting to be written. In essence, what I'm saying is that the rush to write everyday is not necessary for everyone. (Many authors swear by their 250 words a day.) Some folks like myself take mini-breaks, then we write, write, write until our house looks crazy and we start walking around stuttering, "Must write... Kids? Oh, they're somewhere in the house. They have food... I think."

Whatever type of writer you are, I hope that when the Muse does come back you have a computer setup and waiting.

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Sarah Bromley said...

I can't force myself to write if the muse is off jet-skiing with someone else. What comes out is dreck that I'll just end up chucking anyway. When she is around, it's not uncommon for me to throw out 2K words in one sitting. It's just those lags in between...