Monday, August 3, 2009

Still Alive - Research and Writing

OK, in the post RWA Nationals haze I've forgotten to post. Quite easy actually.

Last night I did some research with authors Cole Gibsen and Sarah Bromley. We shot some guns! Woo hoo! And anyway it was all ahem, research. Yes indeed it was. In my new WIP my character is traumatized by a gunshot wound. So she remembers the gun and thus I needed to fire shot guns, hand guns, etc. All in the name of research. Yeah, I think I didn't sound convincing either.

Right now I am working on my new work in progress. I'm calling it Inner Vision for now. I think it may evolve into Dark Visions. But well I'm horrible at titles so it may change...

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Sarah Bromley said...

Yes, firing weapons was fabulous and very insightful for all of us as writers. I like the idea of switching the title to Dark Visions. Kinda reminds me of Dark Shadows, old vampire TV show.