Sunday, August 9, 2009

Once Upon a Crime Blog - Celebrates One Year

A fellow Romance Diva, Jennifer Bianco, is celebrating the success of one year at her blog, Once Upon A Crime. Congrats to Jennifer Bianco, Jennifer McKenzie, Cynthia Justlin, and KH Singletary for their achievement. You go girls!

They are holding a contest:

To celebrate OUAC’s one-year anniversary, we are giving away some awesome prizes this month.

  • A first 3-chapter critique by moi (Jennifer Bianco) — any genre but historical please
  • A 3-chapter critique by GH finalist, Cynthia Justlin — any genre but erotica
  • A $15 B&N gift card donated by Lisa St. James
  • Mystery Romance Book Bundle:

Trouble in Mudbug by Jana DeLeon
I Shot You Babe by Leslie Langtry
Gotcha! by Christie Craig

  • Romantic Suspense Book Bundle:

Beneath Bone Lake by Colleen Thompson
Killer Charms by Marianne Stillings
Sudden Death by Allison Brennan

Pretty Awesome, right?!

So how do you win? It’s simple.

  1. Each prize will be up for grabs for a week.
  2. During that week, blog about our contest, our site or any of our posts on your blog with a link leading back to Once Upon A Crime (dot net, not dot com)
  3. Leave a comment on our blog (in our prize post) with the link to your blog post
  4. At the end of that week, we’ll pick a winner and post it on our blog. Easy peasy!

Let’s get this started. Whoo hoo!

The first prize up for grabs is a first 3-chapter crit by me. (That just means the first 3 chapters as opposed to 3 chapters in the middle of your ms.) While I prefer chick lit, women’s fiction, suspense, horror or mysteries, I’ll crit anything but historicals, please. :)

Now, just post about our contest, our site or anything about us that leads your readers back to our site and leave that link below in our comment section. I’ll pick a lucky winner next Monday, the 10th. I’ll consider any comments received by Monday morning or when I put up a new post.

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